Painting 13

Coup de grace. Procreae & Jot Touch 4


A photo of the tools I use to give a better idea of what I'm shouting at when the drawing doesn't go right. In no particular order:

  • Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch (needs a clean) - Oldskool Bamboo back when they were still tablets and not iPad styli. Disable the touch function unless you like headaches. Was an upgrade from the even older Graphire 3 tablet from way back yonder. Photoshop was and still is the go to program - that default circular brush, too good.
  • Wacom Intuos (not pictured, it's lying around somewhere) - I can't even remember which generation it was, but it was a pretty bad purchase. The size of the tablet made it unwieldy both in terms of desk space and for how I was used to drawing digitally by that point.
  • iPad Mini 2, Adonit Jot Touch 4 - The newest shinies and what prompted this entire post really. Far, far cheaper than a Cintiq and portable to boot. The accuracy and pressure sensitivity of the Jot has been pretty impressive so far. Also Procreate may just be the best thing ever.

Speed...sketch? 11

Alien thinger, playing with new Jot Touch 4 and Procreate

Speedpaint 9

Neon robotboyz. Procreate and iPad.